Ultimate Digital Wallet +DeFi Operating System (OS)

Executive Summary

The world is becoming decentralized.
“The Digital Transformation” is unfolding before our eyes. This is some text inside of a div block.
Decentralized money is more efficient, more equitable, and an inescapable part of the new reality - the (legacy) fiat system is failing.However, Decentralized Finance (DeFi) i is both advanced and chaotic.
It is too complicated. It is fragmented– it is difficult to operate within.
One must struggle - with limited support and no guiding foundations - to consider, nurture, and protect their experience of DeFi.

Transitioning from a constant national currency to a new world of tokens requires new infrastructure. Users, generally, should not “lose money” in adopting “a more efficient financial system”. Cryptocurrency is supposed to be beneficial.  However, most are unfamiliar with actively engaging a liberated (decentralized) financial market. Users should not have to be technical experts in order to benefit.
They must feel secure and competent in adopting DeFi.The Mass Adoption of Decentralized Finance (DeFi) can not occur in its current state with an undeveloped User Experience (UX). Supplying the user interface, Elevated engineers the required technical disciplines within its technological system. This operating system (OS) encodes and abstracts strategic objectives away from the user experience. Supported by the best digital wallet, DeFi becomes universally accessible.Elevated develops the UX of DeFi, facilitating the mass adoption of digital economic activity and Web3. This is some text inside of a div block.


Decentralized finance (DeFi) is at the forefront of developments in the international digital economy. It is one of the most exciting trends and main forces of The Digital Transformation. Its non-custodial, open, transparent, flexible and decentralized nature along with spectacular yield opportunities led to the exponential growth of the industry in recent years. Hundreds of ventures have been coming up with their top-notch solutions for decentralized lending, borrowing, crypto asset exchange, yield farming and asset management.DeFi is based on two major precepts: disintermediation and efficiency, implemented through software automation and blockchain/distributed ledger technology. Disintermediation creates enormous value, reducing extractive inefficiencies plaguing the legacy system. Blockchain has enabled global (digital) processing capabilities: sending and receiving digital value and utilizing smart contracts to complete complex actions and processing without an overwhelming tech stack - or intermediaries. DeFi doesn’t cover only financial instruments, as crypto assets can take on a myriad of forms representing ownership of almost any asset type. The opportunities are boundless.But DeFi is not a panacea; it is not (yet) Elevated. It is the User Experience (UX) - the User Interface (UI) with DeFi platforms and solutions - which is the greatest impediment for most retail consumers.
                                                                                      It is this for which Elevated has the answer.

Background and context

The concept of money is ancient: give something, get something back. Currency (systems of money) were minted by states or private lenders, and is meant to represent a commonly accepted and standardized value. In the 21st century, money has undergone radical, rapid transformation. The digitization of money, and more recently the value and ownership rights of many other assets, is revolutionary.
Transactions using fiat or cryptocurrencies are facilitated by an emerging international financial plumbing system that is rapidly replacing the established order. DeFi is the predominant means of economic activity on Web3. However, the suboptimal UX presents considerable challenges which must be addressed for the mass adoption.
To exist, and thrive, in the DeFi system, one requires technical expertise– discipline.
This technical requirement must not be an entry requirement (its existence is significant). Instead, something “usable” is needed. Mass adoption of DeFi can not occur in its current state with an undeveloped UX (or underdeveloped). This will be explored in the ‘Challenge’ section of this paper.The people will not adopt a technology, they adopt solutions. DeFi will be adopted en-masse only for its benefits. However, most people are naturally unfamiliar with the active engagement of a liberated, decentralized, financial market. Infrastructure is a (pre-existing/underlying) structure which resolves fundamental problems, in order to  ease some function.  Transitioning from a basic unitary (national) currency to a new world of decentralized money and digital tokens demands new infrastructure. In order to succeed in this new system, one should not have to become their own hedge fund manager. Today, they have no choice. Without Elevated, users adopting DeFi will suffer throughout their journey - if they get started at all.This is the fundamental premise of the Elevated Ultimate Digital Wallet (‘Elevated’).

The Challenge

For the average person, efficient use of DeFi is out of reach. The challenges, complexities, and real risks are too daunting for all but the most expert in tech and finance. This lacking User Experience (UX) is holding back growth in the sector. But when the dam breaks, the market opportunity is vast. A simplified, user-friendly digital wallet underwritten by a solid Operating System (OS) will represent a key moment in the story of the digitization of the financial sector.
The legacy financial system is relatively simple: the goal is intuitive.
Everyone wants more money.
But, today, what is money?
Fiat has been the unit of account, the store of value, and the medium of exchange – money.We can therefore define the goal, to maximize Wealth/Value as:

Max V =(USD, belief +c)
where USD(Income, Investments [Stocks, Fixed Income, Cash and cash equivalence, Real Estate, Commodities, FX], Insurance, Inheritance)

Formally, this “goal” is the objective function of the legacy system.
It is a univariate imputation; easy to rationalize the strategy (inputs) and regulate behavior accordingly. It is simple. It is familiar, it is intuitive.
With The Digital Transformation of money, this no longer holds. “Fiat” is no longer the store of value, nor the medium of exchange (necessarily). In the Digital Age, and after more than a decade of maturity for the emergent asset class of crypto assets, we have to accept that Digital Scarcity holds value (objectively).Bytes are infinitely more advanced than a unitary and national denomination. Removing the monopoly from our currency extends the functional constraints that bind our objective function. The “game system” in which we play is fundamentally transformed. Simply, the objective goal is no longer to earn USD.
Instead, we define:

                   Success/MaxV=  δ Digital Assets  δ Time
[the change in digital asset value with respect to time]

This is no longer intuitively simple. Now, solving this function is a daunting task not proper for the everyday user. It is a complex multivariate imputation. To solve this computation (functional optimization) is sufficiently challenging for organizations/institutions with elite capabilities to aid in their effective decision-making. Actually solving this problem is a full-time job: a multi-disciplinary exercise which demands advanced skills and constant focus. Specialized knowledge and expertise is necessary, such as: portfolio construction and management, risk management, market and data analysis (both macro- and micro-economics), and execution ability. Decentralized Financial Optimization is very difficult. Not losing money merely operating within this system is difficult enough, for many. One requires advanced artificial intelligence in order to aid decision-making, and make sense of the chaotic, frontier market.

The Digital Wallet

Decentralization eliminates the inefficiency of intermediaries. Disintermediation “deplatforms” centralized custodians - particularly as cryptography guarantees security of the underlying asset (more on this later). Today, we need neither banks nor custodians. We need only our own private keys, and the wallet to access them.
In the early days of Web3, wallets were built with developers and crypto-native users in mind; they had a basic feature set to simply interface with their assets on the blockchain, but the UX was less than ideal. With each wave of evolution in Web3 bringing in new users into the ecosystem, wallets now have a much bigger responsibility.  Wallets must go beyond basic blockchain asset browsing, the wallet must facilitate the experience of the Web3 world: a one-stop solution for all users to utilize everything that Web3 has to offer. The DeFi ecosystem has become vast over a short time, with over 20 main products & services; over 25 separate networks; over 10,000 DeFi applications (dApps); over 13,000 different token issuers- and growing. For the average user, the experience of DeFi is extremely complicated, fragmented, and (formally) chaotic. To use DeFi wallets, exchanges, and platforms requires knowledge, understanding and excessive time commitment in order to successfully operate. Users are required to explore the siloed marketplace, build their own experience around their wallet, operating on average between at least 7 solutions.

Problems with existing wallets:

Solution – the Elevated Ultimate Digital Wallet

Elevated is the super-wallet built for ease of use. It is a non-custodial, next generation smart wallet for regular people. Elevated is the most user-friendly digital wallet on the Web3 DeFi ecosystem. Elevated is both a wallet and an OS, “a DeFi compass” - guiding your user experience to greater successes, through harnessing data.
Elevated’s mission is to facilitate the digital transformation of economic activity, harnessing the power and resilience of DeFi for everyone.
Elevated is the super-wallet built for ease of use. It is a non-custodial, next generation smart wallet for regular people. Elevated is the most user-friendly digital wallet on the Web3 DeFi ecosystem. Elevated is both a wallet and an OS, “a DeFi compass” - guiding your user experience to greater successes, through harnessing data.
Elevated’s mission is to facilitate the digital transformation of economic activity, harnessing the power and resilience of DeFi for everyone.
Elevated propels you throught the decentralized financial System, so you can easily manage your DeFi Life.
Leading intelligence
in One Dashboard
that is Safe & Secure, supplying
All DeFi
Elevated Conglomerates
with Smart, Actionable Insights
Simply, Elevated enriches its users through intelligent design.
Technically, Elevated (unique and acclaimed) system design subjects every operational function to its framework of advancing experience. This technology, our application, directly solves the challenges spoiling the UX of digital finance enhancing: the wallet, DeFi, as well as “traditional” financial enigma, such as: spending, planning/budgeting, and investments. Elevated advances UX: encoding an intelligent graphical interface that is able to influence successful decision-making, cultivating user success through powerful data transformation. As a system to operate digital finance (OS), technical expertise is reduced to its simplest form. People do not need to “understand code” to use personal computers, thanks to their intuitive OS. This is the effect we intend on replication, with DeFi.

Problems with existing wallets:

Some of our features:

Your Central Command Center

In order to boost “elevate” user performance, Elevated interfaces the (decentralized) financial system, exhibiting real data to enhance UX. Elevated showcases both user statistics, as well as market information to display unique insight aimed at improving ability. For example, through “actionable insights” - conclusions drawn from data that can be turned directly into an action or response. The data informing the insights can be structured or unstructured, quantitative or qualitative. The focal point of our wallet construction is to fixate on the individual experience, and extend, augment, heighten - develop - Elevated users for greater success. Elevated users have more control, more freedom, and more ability than any other market participants.

User Interface

Our interface can be as simple or as complex as required, it is both modular and adaptive.It is decentralized, enabling users to easily customize their command center, themselves or from community-developed standards. As Elevated develops, the tooling environment shall become further enriched, for community-led developments.
Our interface can be as simple or as complex as required, it is both modular and adaptive.It is decentralized, enabling users to easily customize their command center, themselves or from community-developed standards. As Elevated develops, the tooling environment shall become further enriched, for community-led developments.
To produce a Universal Economic Infrastructure
Elevated design must be easy-to-use. To achieve this, a UI/UX prototype demonstration has been developed, soon ready to launch as a Proof of Concept (POC). UX design has focused on the platform’s overall feel and assembled form. The UI has captured a clear dashboard, look, and function, to produce an intuitive, aesthetically pleasing interface. Our dApp exhibits your consolidated portfolio, across multiple chains and multiple wallets, with activity controls, address book, an NFT gallery and more.
The first UX is the onboarding process. This operational function is optimized and automated, with the expressed intention to engineer a perpetual state of Flow throughout. We aim to simplify the onboarding process, ensuring universal accessibility without any perceived disruptions. Our minimum viable product (MVP) will be a web (desktop) application, with a browser extension. In the future, mobile (iOS and Android) applications are envisioned.We will provide multiple fiat on-ramp options within our wallet, to allow users to avail the best rates across all providers. By default, the best rate is selected. It is easy to purchase cryptocurrencies, or use your existing assets.We will implement various key management solutions catered for users’ preferences and comfort. Users can: connect their existing Web3 Wallet, try out a simulated wallet, or create their own wallet: with self-custody or using a secured third-party custodial wallet service that enables seed recovery for Elevated users without the risk of losing access to funds (email recovery). 
Unique onboarding proposition
When fully launched, to drive traffic towards the Elevated platform, the company will leverage its data-centric solutions, providing helpful assistance to relevant search queries through targeted SEO. Elevated’s mass integration differentiators enable an innovative (and low-cost) user acquisition model. This supplements our existing go-to-market strategy, leveraging token-led community growth and traditional marketing operations.
DeFi Dashboard
The Dashboard is the overview, a ‘hub’ for users to track their assets and overview their positions. With customizable modular insights “widgets”, users are able to gain insights to inform their behavior, influencing success. Our dashboard enables users to track investment opportunities, watch performance metrics of their crypto portfolios including P&L, impermanent loss and farming rewards, relocate funds across different projects and blockchains. The dashboard is multi-chain.By connecting (a) crypto wallet(s) and navigating to the Dashboard section, a user gets:
The portfolio section, accessed at a button’s press, displays user information by token such as prices, token balance and their values in USD. Users are able to quickly exchange tokens for the best rate on the market, through our native DEX built over 1inch aggregator, by default. Users are easily able to choose whichever solutions they choose, with aggregate comparison and native integration.
From any spot of the dashboard, users can buy crypto for fiat in the fattest and easiest way. With a self-explanatory UI and clear transaction terms, Elevated is a perfect solution for any crypto newbie - as well as existing users, even experts.
[Transparency Disclaimer]: below is still being implemented. I am working on this each day.
Current state, in development. This will be finished for our Alpha launch - next week 24.8.22

Investments6.2.2 The Elevated user journey: Elevated eases the burden of the DeFi user so that it doesn’t become a full-time occupation. Elevated offers:
6.2.3 How to become a Super Wallet:
Elevated addresses deficiencies in DeFi wallets that have been mostly ignored by the competition but are the chief barrier to entry for many prospective DeFi users:
6.2.3 How to become a Super Wallet:
Elevated addresses deficiencies in DeFi wallets that have been mostly ignored by the competition but are the chief barrier to entry for many prospective DeFi users:


Elevated is a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). The entity Is constructed by encoded computer programme rules that are transparent, controlled by Elevated’s members, and are not influenced by any government or other form of jurisdictional oversight.  Elevated is a member-owned community without centralized leadership. Its records of financial transactions and its programme rules are based on and maintained on blockchain. All personal data remains on the personal wallet of members. Elevated is not the custodian of the data stored on its blockchains. The above governance structure significantly defrays liability risks to its principals and investors. As a DAO, certain regulations which are being gradually introduced in the US, UK, and EU, and other areas, will not apply. 
Elevated’s DAOs are platform community managed and include comprehensive tools through partnerships with other DeFi entities with access to DeFi services integrated with Elevated.


By design, Elevated follows, and will help set industry standards for best Web3 DeFi security practices. Security is managed by Elevated’s core executive team. The platform implements enterprise-grade cyber security solutions provided by integrated 3rd party robust solutions. Blockchains are fully loaded with multiple independent nodes. To hack most of the nodes concurrently is believed to be highly improbable, though hackers have already gained access to blockchains in specific, limited instances. One of the most fundamental attributes of distributed ledger technology is data immutability;As a non-custodial DeFi platform,  Elevated doesn’t control or even have access to users’ private keys and has no access to users’ funds. Elevated provides data-driven risk management tools, with which it makes informed, professional decisions which affect users’ assets. The platform doesn’t operate on the premise of “…when you fail, we prosper…”. For Elevated, the time value of money is paramount, and it doesn’t seek to profit at the expense of its users. Elevated offers users feedback on its market data analysis, and validates market information to help users manage their risks. While not being a regulated financial advisor, Elevated does offer its opinions, which are educated, timely, and well informed. Some of Elevated’s security features:

User Experience

Elevated has been designed as a features rich super wallet. It is set to become one of the most innovative and user-friendly experiences on Web3 Defi today. The Elevated team closely monitors developments in the DeFi space, and will continually develop the platform with new features, improvements to established features, and constantly deepening security levels and administrative features, as well as additional areas in the social and gaming space. The digital wallet is gaining traction at a rapid rate. Market penetration is predicted to follow a similar trajectory to the uptake of smartphones two decades ago. The digital wallet, as with NFTs, is expected to expand its use cases far beyond current applications and looks set to become a personal archive for identity purposes, including biometrics, health tracking, medical and other personal records, on-line banking, and more. 
Functionality: Elevated provides a decentralized interface with a modular architecture on Web3. A critical middleware layer provides rails for crypto and other applications to access DeFi and multiple other DeFi protocols. Elevated’s modular architecture allows for bundle-relevant wallet functionality, such as deposits on Anchor, or staking on Stader, into an SDK available to other crypto protocols and fintech apps. As a decentralized developer-friendly platform, Elevated enables development by community, where the end user is a data controller, apps become views, interfaces become queries.

Business Model

Elevated’s business model is rooted to tokenomics.  Tokenomics captures the value generation of the platform, distributing the platforms earnings to its users who take on stakes of the Elevated Token.NFTs, or tokens, are the key mechanism for value on Web3. On Elevated, the native token is $LV. Elevated’s Digital Assets are tokens designed for 3 primary functions:


Elevated earns revenue on multiple levels.

Platform development roadmap

Elevated aims to maximize value for users; solve problems commonly experienced in the market through intelligent infrastructure to create the best user experience available; systematically apply financial engineering to serve the interests of users, and; thereby remove barriers to wide adoption of DeFi.The platform development aims to go to market with product launch set for the end of Q3 2022, Version 1.1 by Q1 2023, Version 2 by late Q3 2023, and hitting high market share volume by 2024 with over 1 million users. 
Q3 - 2022

Bringing order to decentralized chaos

Q4 - 2022

Helping you save for what’s important

Q1 - 2023

Insights for better decisions

Q2 - 2023

Bringing the community together

Management Team

The Elevated management team consists of respected experts in fields such as economics, business management, risk & capital management, FinTech, investment banking, computer science, and insurance, all with international experience. The Elevated founding team is: