Reach your
financial goals
using DeFi

Invest with purpose. Set your goals, pick a plan, and secure your savings- with the best interest rates and risk levels to get what you're saving for, when you want it. 

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Elevate yourself to greatness with the right tools

Elevated is here to help you use the best decentralized finance (DeFi) tools on the market so you can optimize your savings to reach your goals faster with purposefully structured investing.

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Set your savings goals

Tell us what you want to save for, how much you can put in, and when you want it. We’ll present you the options.

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Level up your interest rates

Choose the highest yielding interest plan and preferred risk rate from the most trusted DeFi and Crypto protocols that suit your goal.

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Protect your savings

Move your savings in the face of unwanted risk, get notification alerts or set it to automatically move to safety.

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Save on spending

Get discounts on your online purchases and the cheapest rates on crypto and fiat transactions.

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Watch your savings grow

Keep track of your progress and get insights on how to manage your money more effectively.

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Explore DeFi

Explore the opportunities of the DeFi market safely with complete analytics of everything in the market.

Why use Elevated?

Elevated is designed to advance your financial capabilities with the best technology on the market. Elevated turns advanced DeFi innovations into something simple and easy to use.

Invest for what's important to you

Invest with purpose, build your wealth, and make your money grow into your goals with the top savings options in Elevated savings vaults.

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Cash out at the right time

It's not what you make, it's what you keep, and we help you keep it. With Elevated alerts you can make the best decisions on how to move your money in the face of market volatility.

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Elevate yourself above the chaos.

Manage your money like a pro with the best of DeFi technology working for you. Stay on top of inflation and recession, and stay clear of scams of the market with the protection of the Elevated System.

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Becoming Elevated

There are 4.6 billion people in the digital population.
It is our mission to help them reach their financial goals.

Q4 - 2022

Bringing order to decentralized chaos

  • Unify all your digital assets and dApps.
  • Connect and manage your wallets in one place.
  • Swap at cheaper rates, faster transaction times, and with security guaranteed!
  • Switch between networks seamlessly.
  • Track every move you’ve ever made with Elevated Portfolio History.
  • Get started with DeFi easier than ever before with Elevated.
Q1 - 2023

Helping you save for what’s important

  • Use DeFi to reach your personal financial goals, faster!
  • Go from cash in your bank to high interest savings in your wallet in seconds.
  • Save for your car, mortgage deposit, holidays, and more.
  • Pick the timeline and highest yielding plan for what you are saving for.
  • Get the most out you money with smart budgeting.
  • Save on online purchases and crypto transactions with the Super-Saver Extension.
Q2 - 2023

Insights for better decisions

  • Take advantage of the ups & downs of the market with ‘insight notifications’.
  • Explore the decentralized market safely with Elevated Protector extension.
  • Get analytics, insights, and warnings about tokens and dApps.
  • Never lose your keys with decentralized key storage & security.
  • Understand and manage your smart contracts and dApps from your Decentralized Control Panel.
Q3 - 2023

Bringing the community together

  • Connect with others in the market.
  • Follow your friends and copy trades of top investors.
  • Share your posts, achievements, and trades on your social media.
  • Keep track of the posts and updates of projects you're interested in.
  • Invite your family & friends to save together with joint savings vaults.
  • Come together and vote on what you want elevated to do for you.
  • Stay connected but keep your privacy with the Elevated private wallet
  • Transact with your friends for free.
Q4 - 2023

Become one with the market

  • Use our ‘EveryChain Wallet’ to hold in any asset.
  • Use the Elevated exchange to invest on any network.
  • See analytics and understand all the dApps & tokens on the market.
  • Interact with all dApps, tokens, and NFTs from your dashboard.
  • Track all your activity from your Elevated dashboard.
  • Gain insight on the most lucrative newly released tokens.
  • Join a group of elite money managers, learn from top DeFi experts with Elevated educational library.
Q1- 2024

Giving you superpowers

  • All the best tech on the market in your pocket with the Elevated Mobile App.
  • React to market movements in real time.
  • Secure your savings and move them automatically in the face of unwanted risk.
  • Make more intelligent decisions with the support of our Artificial Intelligence.
  • Reach superhero level money management.

Enter The Metaverse

  • See your portfolio from a new perspective in the metaverse.
  • Manage finances from your Elevated Metaverse Office.
  • Stack, grab, and move your assets by hand.
  • Walk through the metaverse with your Elevated wallet in your pocket.
Infinity & beyond

Always elevating you to new heights

  • We don't know what the future holds.
  • There will be an abundance of new technology.
  • Maybe we will integrate with your brainchip.
  • Maybe we will we will be supported on your space craft.
  • But definitely, we will always build to keep you at the forefront of innovation.
Adam Maxwell
CEO & Founder
Asheet Ruparelia
Chief Financial Officer Co-Founder
Mukul Mistry
Head Of Business Development (Platform) Co-founder
Michel Paradis
Independent Director Co-founder
Mark Nevile
Chief Technology Officer Co-founder
Justin Pethers
President Co-Founder
Ken Van Ierlant
Chief Digital Officer Co-founder
Dan Vayn
Head Of UX Co-founder
Abdus Rujubali
Chief Operating Officer Co-Founder

Anastasia Rivodeaux

Fundraising Advisor

Peter de Haas

Technology Advisor

Boulevard A. Aladetoyinbo Esq.

Blockchain Legal & Strategic Advisor

Peter Sampson

Market Research & Consumer Behaviour Advisor

Use Elevated to advance your abilities with DeFi

Elevated is designed to further your capabilities in the decentralized financial system.